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NBA Free Agency 2014: Lance Stephenson continues looking for better deal from Pacers, other teams

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According to a report from ESPN, Lance Stephenson continues to search for a better free agent deal than the Pacers have offered to date.

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The Indiana Pacers and free agent guard Lance Stephenson remain in negotiations on a new deal, although it appears to be a one-sided conversation at this point.

ESPN's Chris Broussard reports that the Pacers haven't budged from their initial five-year, $44 million offer so while the two sides continue to stay in communication, it doesn't sound like there is much bargaining going on that doesn't end with Larry Bird saying, "No."

That puts Stephenson in a position where he will have to wait out the market to see if he can reel in a better deal. As his agent told Candace Buckner, they need to see where LeBron James, Carmolo Anthony and the rest of the top-shelf talent land before potential suitors turn their full attention to a deal with Lance.

"If we're talking about a deal with the Pacers, I don't know if any of the dominoes have to fall," Stephenson's agent Alberto Ebanks predicted before the start of free agency. "(But) if we were talking about some of the other teams, I would think that those teams are looking to explore the very, very top tier LeBron James and company ... so I would think that yes."

"We're in a rush to get a really good deal done," Ebanks has said, "and we're in no rush to enter into something that's short of being a good situation for him and the next team or the current team."

Broussard mentioned the Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Lakers as showing interest in Stephenson, but neither have him as a priority now with Melo, LeBron and Bosh still unsigned.

So, your Lance update for this morning update.