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Metta World Peace would like to win championship for Pacers

On Larry King Now, Metta World Peace said he'd love to have the opportunity even still to win an NBA Championship for the Indiana Pacers.

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Metta World Peace made an appearance on Larry King Now to discuss his past, his future, and his involvement with mental health awareness among other things, including his excitement about the future of the Knicks and Lakers. The former Ron Artest was adamant in mentioning that while he was taking opportunities to coach younger people, it didn't mean he was retired, which was timed well with the announcement of him playing in China next season.

Aside from recounting the brawl, an understandably burnt out topic for any Pacers fan, the Pacers did crop up in a question about what cities he would want to win a championship in. World Peace said there were two teams, the first of which was Indiana with the Pacers. Despite everything that unfolded that led to Artest's touchy exit from Indiana, he's always kept the Pacers close to his heart, so this answer was really no surprise.

World Peace would mention Herb Simon and Donnie Walsh as huge reasons why he would want to win a title here, in addition to it being the place where his career was sparked. Artest won Defensive Player of the Year in 2003-04, a year he averaged 18.3 PPG and made his only All-Star team. World Peace continues to be grateful for everything the Pacers franchise has done for him, though he cites his own issues as the reason things didn't pan out the way he and every Pacers fans had hoped early in the 2004-05 season.

Oh, yeah, the other city World Peace would want to win a title for? Detroit. As he mentioned, it would be a great way to make up for the brawl and would be an amazing story, but I'm not so sure many Pacers fans would feel too great about that outcome.

Check out the episode below and feel free to share your thoughts. Does the team's current makeup and success make it any easier to forgive World Peace? Assuming he could contribute, would you accept him back on the team in hopes of a championship?

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