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Paul George reportedly in mix to start for USA Men's National Team

The Pacers defensive-minded forward appears to be a good fit for the frontcourt Coach K wants to throw at international competition.

Ethan Miller

There are plenty of talented frontcourt players competing during the USA Men's National Team training camp in Las Vegas this week. Paul George has been through the process as a young player learning the ropes, but this time around it appears coach Mike Krzyzewski has PG in line for a bigger role with the team in Spain.

According to's John Schuhmann, Coach K likes to throw multi-faceted forward tandems at international teams which he's done in the past three international hoops tournaments. This time around, it appears Paul George will join Kevin Durant in a starting role that will give the USA tons of length, athletic ability, offensive options and most importantly, DEFENSE, as Schuhmann explains.

This year's edition of the National Team has Durant playing next to Paul George, one of the best two-way players in the league and an MVP candidate through the first half of last season. With those two teamed with Anthony Davis, the U.S. starting frontline is pretty much set in stone.

Whoa, Durant, PG and Anthony Davis should give the USA team enough wingspan to reach from Baltimore to Bilbao where the American squad will open FIBA World Cup play on Aug. 30. Here are some quotes from PG on working with Durant and Davis.

"I [have] got to be a defender," he said. "We got guys that can make shots, run the floor and make plays. I got to be a defender for us. We got a bunch of defenders here, but I can be the versatile one that can guard 1-4 and be able to make plays when I need to."

"What's great is we can switch everything and not give up much," he said. "I'm excited with that lineup. We can really cover the floor with our athleticism, our length, our speed."

With all of the reports about Derrick Rose looking so good early in camp, PG could be part of a dynamic playing rotation in Spain that should simply be a blast to follow. As one of the top players on such an elite team, PG should also be able to hone his leadership skills while learning from other great players around him in the heat of battle.

Here's a little clip of PG from practice in Vegas.