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Orlando Summer League: Pacers vs. Celtics game thread, TV info and more

After posting a 3-1 record, the Summer Pacers face the Summer Celts in the 3-4 game on Championship Day in Orlando.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The Summer Pacers were one of five teams to finish their four-game schedule with a 3-1 record but their brutal loss to Brooklyn in the first game was enough to keep their point differential below Philadelphia and Memphis.

So the Sixers and Grizz will play for the top spot on Championship Day at noon ET while the Pacers take on the Celtics at 10 a.m. ET in the third place game which should have them back in Indy by dinner time. You can catch all of the action on NBA TV.

The Pacers won the first of three consecutive games in Orlando against the Brad Stevens' Celtics on Monday afternoon. The 96-77 win will long be remembered as the Willie Reed game as the big fella scored 18 points, grabbed six rebounds and blocked four shots for the blue and gold.

In the games since, other players like James Nunally, Frank Gaines and Arinze Okuanu have stepped up to make the Pacers go along with point guard Donald Sloan.

The MVP for the Pacers may be coach Dan Burke who adjusted his approach after their initial loss and tapped into the hunger on his D-League laden roster and the wins have followed.

Share your thoughts on the game and/or any other news around the NBA.