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2014 NBA Draft: Draft thread, draft order, TV info and more

The NBA Draft may not significantly alter the Indiana Pacers but it will surely impact several teams the Pacers will be battling with for playoff position in the Eastern Conference next year.

Mike Stobe

The NBA offseason kicks into high gear on Thursday night with the NBA Draft from The Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. Television coverage on ESPN begins at 7:00 p.m. ET with the actual draft starting at 7:30 p.m. ET when the Cleveland Cavaliers will make the first pick.

Following Joel Embiid's foot injury, Andrew Wiggins moved to the top of most mock draft boards for the Cavs. At the other end of the spectrum, the Pacers will look to snag the best player available in the second round with the 57th overall pick.

Among the players projected for the Pacers in various mock drafts, a variety of types of players including: Khem Birch, Markel Brown, Sean Kilpatrick, Melvin Ejim and Alec Brown.

Trade action also highlights draft night and a couple of deals have already been reported. The Mavericks and Knicks swapped Tyson Chandler and Raymond Felton for Jose Calderon, Samuel Dalembert and a couple other players and picks. The Pelicans acquired Omer Asik from Houston for a future first-round pick, freeing up some cap space for the Rockets. The Nuggets also landed a sweet deal to procure Arron Afflalo from the Magic for Evan Fournier and the 56th overall pick in the draft.

That's some pretty solid player movement and the fun is just beginning. So settle in and share your thoughts on what the Pacers are or are not doing along with how the competition is shaping up as the night progresses.

Here is the complete draft order (get your scroll on to find the  Pacers):

First Round

1. Cleveland Cavaliers
2. Milwaukee Bucks
3. Philadelphia 76ers
4. Orlando Magic
5. Utah Jazz
6. Boston Celtics
7. Los Angeles Lakers
8. Sacramento Kings
9. Charlotte Hornets
10. Philadelphia 76ers
11. Denver Nuggets
12. Orlando Magic
13. Minnesota Timberwolves
14. Phoenix Suns
15. Atlanta Hawks
16. Chicago Bulls
17. Boston Celtics
18. Phoenix Suns
19. Chicago Bulls
20. Toronto Raptors
21. Oklahoma City Thunder
22. Memphis Grizzlies
23. Utah Jazz
24. Charlotte Hornets
25. Houston Rockets
26. Miami Heat
27. Phoenix Suns
28. Los Angeles Clippers
29. Oklahoma City Thunder
30. San Antonio Spurs

Second Round

31. Milwaukee Bucks
32. Philadelphia 76ers
33. Cleveland Cavaliers
34. Dallas Mavericks
35. Utah Jazz
36. Milwaukee Bucks
37. Toronto Raptors
38. Detroit Pistons
39. Philadelphia 76ers
40. Minnesota Timberwolves
41. Denver Nuggets
42. Houston Rockets
43. Atlanta Hawks
44. Minnesota Timberwolves
45. Charlotte Hornets
46. Washington Wizards
47. Philadelphia 76ers
48. Milwaukee Bucks
49. Chicago Bulls
50. Phoenix Suns
51. Dallas Mavericks
52. Philadelphia 76ers
53. Minnesota Timberwolves
54. Philadelphia 76ers
55. Miami Heat
56. Denver Nuggets (to Orlando)

57. Indiana Pacers

58. San Antonio Spurs
59. Toronto Raptors
60. San Antonio Spurs