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2014 NBA Draft: Analyzing Larry Bird and other NBA Draft decision-makers

Pacers president Larry Bird has had mixed draft results over the years but has been able to put together a contender in the East.

Jonathan Daniel

Barring a surprising trade that alters the Pacers core playing rotation, NBA Draft night will be pretty mild for the organization as Larry Bird oversees the team's 57th overall pick.

Hard to believe Bird has had his fingerprints on the last ten drafts for the Pacers but that is the case. Any NBA decision-maker's draft success is spotty at best and Bird has certainly had his hits (Paul George, Danny Granger) and misses (Shawne Williams, Tyler Hansbrough, Brandon Rush).

Mark Dee's of ShamSports fame does a great job of analyzing all of the machinations involved in putting together an NBA team and his latest effort for SB Nation takes a look at all of the decision-makers who will try to improve their teams in the NBA Draft on Thursday.

Deeks has been appropriately critical of Bird for some past trades but respects the overall draft record as he includes Bird among the team leaders not expected to be heavily involved in the draft.

What we see: Bird loves the upperclassmen and built a competitive team without using a top 10 pick to do it. The occasional miss can be seen, but the hits are much bigger than they misses. He is perfectly willing to take a flyer on a redemption candidate, with predictably mixed results (Stephenson yes, Williams noooo-ooo-ooooo), which speaks somewhat to Indiana's need to maximize limited resources and gambling somewhat to do so.

It will probably will be a quiet night here, though. They can't get a first rounder with financial clout, and they recklessly gave this year's one away in the Luis Scola deal, so they might stay at No. 57 only. Which is a shame, because Bird is very good at drafting and the team needs to get younger.