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2014 SB Nation NBA Mock Draft: Something was missing

The SB Nation NBA team sites combined to deliver an entertaining mock draft once again this year. It appeared to be fun for everyone else.

Mike Ehrmann

As a virtual witness to the 2014 SB Nation NBA Mock Draft, I must say it was a fantastic endeavor. The annual exercise includes all 30 NBA team blogs working through a monster Google Group email thread to draft and/or make trades as the psuedo-GM's of their respective teams.

Since the epic adventure is a thorough exercise in improving each individual team, the draft just spans the first round which left me on the sidelines since the Pacers have the 57th overall pick in the second round. Check out the full draft now posted at Ridiculous Upside for all of the picks and trades.

The initial draft was past the halfway mark when news of Joel Embiid's surgery hit, altering the draft and forcing "do over" to reflect reality following the news hitting last week. As it turned out, Embiid didn't fall too far (4th to Utah) which allowed several big trades to go through.

Oh yeah, there were trades. Alas, there was nary an inquiry for a 7'2 rim protector capable of fortifying a team's defense. I wasn't exactly waiting by the phone (inbox) but not even an inquiry to try and steal the big fella? I was primed and ready to shoot down the weak offers, but nothing. The whole exercise made me frown, duck my head, slouch my shoulders and sit down at the end of my couch.