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NBA Playoffs halftime score: Pacers lead Wizards 34-33

Somehow, some way, the Indiana Pacers hold a one point advantage over the Washington Wizards after an ugly first half. The Pacers shot 34.3% and the Wizards shot 31.7%. The Wizards got a boost from extra hustle, including eight offensive rebounds in the first half. The Wizards also got big boosts from end of quarter buckets from John Wall, as he scored four of his eight on last possessions of the quarter.

The Wizards are getting their biggest boost from Trevor Ariza, who has 12 on 4-5 shooting with five offensive rebounds. Paul George leads the Pacers with 11, but is just 3-9 from the floor. It's been a struggle for everyone else on the floor for both teams save Drew Gooden, who leads the game with two flops, and Roy Hibbert, who's a steady 3-3 with eight points.