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Wizards vs. Pacers, Game 2 Links: Pacers continue trying to get Roy Hibbert going

The Pacers may play better in the short term without Hibbert, but any remaining hopes of getting to the NBA Finals will eventually require a positive impact from the Big Dawg so Frank Vogel continues keeping him in the mix as Hibbert tries to figure it out.

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Roy Hibbert remains a topic of conversation after his Game 1 double-goose egg, saying he has to "figure it out" and change the impact he's having on the game.

Frank Vogel agreed with that assessment but also admitted he could do a better job of facilitating Roy's game by, you know, at least trying to get him the ball.

"I have to get (Hibbert) some looks to get him going some," Vogel said. "Everyone has to understand, he wasn't 0 for 11 last night, he was 0 for 2. He's the fifth option in our starting five offense."

Interesting. I know he's been playing like the fifth option, but I always considered Hibbert to be the third or fourth option depending on matchups. There have been many past games when the Pacers started out going directly to Roy in the post on their initial possessions. That wasn't the case in Game 1.

"I have to call his number some times, which I called it zero times (in Game 1)," Vogel said.

If Vogel continues to start Hibbert, then why not dust off that plan to feed 55 and see if the big fella can get something going early. If not, then at least you know. Hibbert was fourth on the team in shot attempts per game (9.3 FGAs) during the regular season, but has dipped to seventh in the playoffs (5.6 FGAs).

With his minutes and touches down, part of Hibbert figuring things out is to at least be a presence on the glass and find a way to get some put backs which have been a staple of big games in the past. Think Game 6 against the Heat last year when Hibbert had scored on four of five offensive rebounds en route to 24 points and 11 boards. Ahh, memories.

Vogel also mentioned his teammates needing to get him the ball when he flashes open in the post, something they have increasingly avoided during Roy's recent slide. That's a different issue, one rooted in trust which Hibbert must earn back with his effort and production.

Something he has to figure out fast.

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