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Lance Stephenson makes prom happen for local students

The Lance Stephenson Ultimate Prom Experience was awarded to three Southport High School students who otherwise would've missed out on the festivities.

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Joe Robbins

Lance Stephenson has had his moments good, bad, dazzling and puzzling on the court this year for the Pacers, but off the court he has been a star in the community. I've witnessed Lance play the role of pied piper at the Fishers Fieldhouse while watching his younger brother play hoops.

While this was personal family time for Lance, he treated everyone in the building like family, taking time to sign autographs and greet the large packs of kids that were excited to get close to an NBA player in their gym. As one dad mentioned to me, "Lance probably did a $1 million dollars worth of PR for the Pacers today with the way he treated the kids."

Lance was at it again on his off day in Indy, surprising a few students at Southport High with his ultimate prom experience, after a review of submitted essays. The following Indy Star video captured the event on Tuesday and if you want to know what it is all about, just check out the last girls' genuine appreciation for the opportunity to enjoy her Senior prom.

A big thanks should go to the sponsors that are pitching in with what should be a spectacular evening for the students (via Fox 59).

  • Instyle Hair Salon: Providing Hair & Make-Up
  • Prime 47: Providing Dinner
  • Raelynn's Boutique: Providing Prom Dresses and Tuxedos
  • Bella Stella Limo: Providing Limousine Transportation
  • Steve's Flowers: Providing Corsages and Boutonnières
  • Transformations Salon & Spa: Also providing hair and make up
Nice play, Lance.