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NBA Halftime score: Wizards lead Pacers 56-43

If "starting back at zero" was supposed to wake the Indiana Pacers up, it didn't work. Indiana shot 5-23 in the first quarter, falling behind 28-15. They opened the second with life, scoring the first 11 points of the quarter and taking a brief 33-32 lead, but the Wizards closed strong, taking the lead back to 13 at the break. Indiana has shot just 34.8%, missing countless easy looks at the rim as the Wizards get eight blocks in the first half.

The Pacers have had to weather an onslaught from Trevor Ariza, who's 5-5 from three point range, leading Washington with 17. Nene and Bradley Beal have 11 each. Paul George had 10 points on just 3-11 shooting to lead the Pacers, who have allowed 10 fast break points.