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Pacers vs. Heat Links: Season remains on the line for Pacers in Game 6

The Pacers remain alive after a wild win in Game 5 which sent the series to Miami for Game 6. As with the prior five games, what will happen is anybody's guess, but we know it should be entertaining.

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The storylines and drama continue to build between the Pacers and Heat as the series extends to Game 6 in Miami on Friday night.

- The Paul George fadeaway in lieu of any real offense in the first half of Game 5 was getting old, but obviously he was dialing in that shot because he was hitting a wide array of wild jumpers down the stretch. The Pacers could use some more of that perimeter magic from PG in Game 6, but the forced variety remains a problem spot in the Pacers clunky half-court offense.

- Lost in the Lance Stephenson nuttiness during the fourth quarter was that when the ball was in play he did a solid job guarding LeBron James. Again, he had the cushion of not being in foul trouble while LBJ had no room for error, but he did a good job regardless. If Vogel wants to get things a little frantic and at the same time give Paul George a little rest on the defensive end, Lance could be an option for short stretches.

- It is easy to say the Pacers barely beat the Heat despite LeBron's off game with only seven points in 24 minutes. But don't forget that Rashard Lewis had a big game, draining six three-pointers to score 18 points and help fill in the gaps with LeBron on the bench.

- Lance Stephenson ($10,000) and Roy Hibbert ($5000) were fined by the NBA for their flops in Game 5. Well, deserved by both as you can see here from Lance, and then Roy. Here is the NBA's definition of flopping:

"Flopping" will be defined as any physical act that appears to have been intended to cause the referees to call a foul on another player. The primary factor in determining whether a player committed a flop is whether his physical reaction to contact with another player is inconsistent with what would reasonably be expected given the force or direction of the contact.

So how does Dwyane Wade not get fined for taking a dive after a mile chest bump from Lance Stephenson which earned Lance a foul? Whatevah.

- Plenty of discussion yesterday about LeBron James making the right basketball play on Miami's final play, driving and dishing to Chris Bosh in the corner for a potential game winner. Personally, I was happy to see him make that play instead of trying to score (dunk?) through Hibbert for a potential and 1. Bosh was not shooting it well from distance and with George Hill there to contest Bosh, it worked out quite well for the Pacers.

- News of a paternity suit against Paul George was released with suspicious timing yesterday, although looking past the flashy headline, there isn't much to the story. Appears PG has been taking care of his business both in person and financially.

- Your referees for Game 6: Scott Foster, Mike Callahan and Jason Phillips

I talked about most of this on The Phil Naessens Show as we spent some extra time this week discussing the Game 5 fallout. Check it out.

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