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Pacers vs. Heat Links: Pacers down 2-1 still talking about breaking through against Heat

The Pacers know what they have to do to beat the Heat, but when it comes time to actually win the game they have to do it on the court.

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Mike Ehrmann

The Pacers continue trying to remain upbeat and on the attack after falling behind 2-1 in the Eastern Conference finals.

Frank Vogel use a little brother/big brother analogy to deliver a subtle dig at his team while also trying to build up the case for breaking through under tough circumstances, as reports.

"The little brother spends his whole life getting beat up by the big brother, getting beaten in sporting events, one-on-one basketball and what not," Vogel said. "And all them years of getting beat up builds them up to the point where they ultimately take on the big brother. That's what we're hoping to do."

When asked if he drew that comparison from personal experience, Vogel confirmed that his brother Justin, two years older than Frank, always got the upper hand in their childhood battles in New Jersey...until he didn't.

"I have an older brother and he used to kick my butt in one-on-one all the time," Vogel said.

Lance Stephenson is feeling the brunt of that 'little brother' role, getting an earful from LeBron James in Game 3 when LBJ decided to join the party on the defensive end. Lance felt it was a sign of weakness, but Lance should take it as a compliment. Wade and James wouldn't bother with Lance in the past, now they realize Lance is a factor for the Pacers that they have to contend with differently.

I still think the Heat are happy to let Lance do his thing on offense with the idea he will eventually muck things up for the Pacers. I spoke about this and more on the series on The Phil Naessens Show. Check it out.

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