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Paul George, Rasual Butler both available for Pacers in Game 7 vs. Hawks

Neither Paul George or Rasual Butler have been suspended for stepping onto the floor during Mike Scott and George Hill's scuffle in Game 6 between Indiana and Atlanta.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

After a day of hand wringing over the NBA's rule regarding players leaving the bench during an altercation, the league has ruled both Paul George and Rasual Butler eligible for Saturday's Game 7 between the Indiana Pacers and Atlanta Hawks. After an elbow from Mike Scott late in the first half, George Hill and Scott began to exchange words not far from the Pacers bench.

Both George and Butler wandered from the bench, with George being held back by assistant coach Popeye Jones to remain on the bench as Butler wandered further out in an effort to halt any other players from stepping forward. The league's interpretation of today's buzzword "vicinity" ruled against suspensions for George and Butler. Even though a suspension for Butler wouldn't been a surprise given how far from bench he went, the interpretation of the rule by the league is correct as neither player showed any intention of involving themselves in the Scott/Hill altercation.

Furthermore, no suspensions will come from the actual confrontation between Hill and Scott. Scott's elbow on Hill set the stage for the dust up with Hill pointing directly at Scott's face and Scott returning the favor by shoving Hill in his. The intentions for both players weren't ruled suspension worthy after each received a technical foul and Scott was given a common foul for the altercation.