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All-Star ring among items stolen from Paul George's home

A rough night at the Fieldhouse for Paul George turned worse when a few valuable items were stolen from his home.

Andy Lyons

Paul George looked distraught and down in the locker room following the Pacers Game 5 loss to the Atlanta Hawks on Monday night.

Despite pulling his weight with 26 points, 12 rebounds, 6 assists and 6 steals, PG took the loss hard as the 23-year-old continues learning how to lead his team.

Little did he know, his night was about to go from bad to worse. According to reports, the Indianapolis Metro Police responded to a call from PG's parents about missing valuables at George's home on Geist around midnight. It appears thieves hit the house while everyone was at the Fieldhouse for the game.

More than $15,000 worth of jewelry and shoes was taken in the burglary, police said.

Among the missing items: a 2014 Paul George NBA platinum All Star ring with diamonds, a watch and a pair of Air Jordan 4 "Toro" shoes. A $20 bill was also taken from the home.

With no forced entry and surveillance video footage available, not to mention the unique nature of the stolen items, this sounds like a caper police should be able to solve. Of course, we thought the Pacers would solve the Hawks by now, too.