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Halftime score: Warriors lead Pacers 48-42

The Indiana Pacers have been getting torched inside by the Golden State Warriors, but a strong close to the half puts Indiana within six, well within reach given the disjointed style of play that plagued the Pacers in the first half. Indiana shot just 38.3%, are being outrebounded, outscored in the paint, and are trailing 8-2 in fast break points. Indiana has managed to stay alive thanks to a lack of turnovers (only four) and outscoring Golden State from the free throw line despite less attempts.

Paul George's big first quarter gave him 14 first half points on 6-13 shooting and David West followed up with 11 points on 4-8. Lance Stephenson came on in the second quarter as part of his eight points. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson lead the Warriors with nine each.