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Halftime score: Pacers lead Bulls 34-33

Didn't get to watch the first half? There wasn't much to miss as the Indiana Pacers hold a one point advantage over the Chicago Bulls at 34-33. The Pacers shot just 35.3% despite a 7-0 start, jumping ahead on a George Hill three pointer with 1.4 seconds in the second quarter on a Vogel Weave wrinkle. The Bulls shot even worse than Indiana at 31.8%, but are well and alive due to six offensive rebounds and 10 Pacers turnovers leading to 10 more shots for Chicago.

Hill leads the Pacers with 12 on 4-6 shooting with a pair of three pointers. Paul George has eight on 3-7 shooting. David West has just two points, but has five rebounds and four assists. Taj Gibson leads the Bulls with 10 points off the bench. The second half might pick up, or it might not, but as long as the Pacers can stay on the right side of the scoreboard, that will be easy to overlook.