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Pacers Injury Update: Andrew Bynum out indefinitely for Pacers, allows opportunity for halftime haircut

The Pacers announced that Andrew Bynum is out indefinitely while C.J. Watson also remains out with a hamstring injury. Watson's return is expected before Bynum, but at least the big fella will look good on the bench.

Andrew Bynum and C.J. Watson were both out for the Pacers when they beat the Bulls on Friday night which will be the case for the team's game in Memphis on Saturday. Bynum apparently took advantage of the extra time on his hands at halftime to tighten up his cut, with the Pacers' favorite barber making a 'House call at the break.

Bynum will need to look good on the bench for awhile as the Pacers describe his status as out indefinitely with soreness and swelling in his right knee, and by indefinitely the Pacers mean not any time soon.

"There's still swelling," Frank Vogel said prior to the Bulls game. "I really don't have anything new, other than it's swollen right now and we'll give you an update when we're ready to."

Compared to the injury status of C.J. Watson, sidelined the past four games with a right hamstring strain, the tone of concern is much different for Bynum. Vogel caught himself before saying Watson wouldn't be out as long as Bynum, but still said, "not very long, hopefully. Maybe some time next week."

Some time next week still doesn't leave much time in the regular season since after playing Miami on Wednesday, there will be just three weeks and ten games remaining before the playoffs.

Let's face it, Bynum hasn't exactly delivered a passionate effort to return from injury in the past. He has his bonus cash from the Pacers and yet another glimpse of what he can deliver after playing 36 minutes in two games, averaging 11.5 points and 9.5 points while giving hope for a strong offensive boost to the reserve unit.

At this point, all Andrew Bynum has done is whet the appetite of sucka GM's around the league who may be in the market for a talented big man on the cheap. But that price tag will remain at the bottom of the barrel if Bynum can't return to the court for the Pacers, and at this point there is a far greater indication that he won't play than he will.

Bynum's status can change from day-to-day but the fact he had the knee drained earlier in the week and continues to have swelling, with no positive reports from the MRI taken on Tuesday leads isn't promising. The fact Vogel has retreated to "we'll update when we have someething new" is also discouraging.

The Pacers took minimal risk with Bynum from an on-court impact view and he has fit in well with the team inside the locker room. But as we sit here today, it appears the best the Pacers can hope for is Bynum to help impact two or three wins in the playoffs if he can make it back to the court.

As for Watson, his return is more vital at this point so the Pacers can return to their regular rotation with Evan Turner in the mix. Turner has only played four of this 14 games in Indiana with both George Hill and Watson in the lineup. That's force Turner to play a variety of roles with varying levels of success from night to night. Watson's steady play at both ends of the floor will certainly be welcomed when he is ready to roll.