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Pacers G2 Zone fans reunite with brother back home from Afghanistan

Two of the G2 Zone's wildest fans really went really wild after their brother showed up at the Fieldhouse upon his return from military duty in Afghanistan.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron and Brandon Rector are among the most passionate Pacers fans at the Fieldhouse for each game, going nuts for 48 minutes in the G2 Zone. But on Sunday evening we learned about something they love far more than the Pacers. Well, someone, actually

After making $300 in the time out shooting contest, the two brothers were then given a parting gift they will never forget.

One of America's finest, Justin Rector, back home again in Indiana after a tour of duty in Afghanistan, took the court and took his brothers by surprise which led to a fantastic scene at the Fieldhouse. These type of reunions never get old and seeing it take place at the 'House makes it even more special.