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Pacers' Andrew Bynum dealing with knee swelling, sits out pending MRI results

The Pacers surpassed their win total from last season in earning their 50th win over Philadelphia, but the status of Andrew Bynum emerged as the real story on Monday night.

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The Pacers win over the Sixers on Monday turned out to be a subplot to the injury news prior to the game when Frank Vogel announced that Andrew Bynum would sit out the game.

Bynum has looked good off the bench in his two appearances as the team has taken a cautious approach to allowing him on the court. But after playing 20 minutes in Detroit, his knee didn't respond well.

"Had some swelling," Vogel said about Bynum's knee. "So they did an MRI with him today, and we'll know more in the next couple of days."

Next couple of days? Since Bynum arrived, Vogel has minimized expectations but this certainly sounded like an unexpected setback. Considering the Pacers play again on Wednesday, it appears the training staff and Bynum will still be taking care of his knee while the rest of the team suits up to play in Madison Square Garden.

Having seen what Bynum can bring to the table, the Pacers need him to be healthy enough to make an impact in at least a handful of playoff games. While the slow approach has been frustrating, it seems obvious now that Bynum's status is always day-to-day, a risk the team is willing to endure for the potential playoff payoff.

"This what we signed up for," Vogel sadi. "We knew he was a great player with some problem-area knees. He's going to be in sometimes and he's going to be out sometimes. We're fully aware of that  and we'll be excited for whenever we have him in uniform."

As far as euphemisms go, "problem-area knees" doesn't really help soften the reality that Bynum's knees make him highly unreliable. Even if Vogel is being overly cautious with his wording and the MRI results are good and the swelling is no longer a problem later this week, Bynum is still going to be day-to-day every day. Again, this was a known part of the situation, so adjust your expectations accordingly to hold out hope for a few big playoff moments from Bynum if he can get on the court.

Here's something a little more pleasant to digest from the win last night.

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