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Halftime score: Pistons lead Pacers 60-41

The Indiana Pacers are getting run out of of the building by the Detroit Pistons, who scored 60 points on 56.8% shooting. The Pacers looked their usual back-to-back selves early, but trailed just 19-16 before the Pistons ran off a 10-4 run to close the first quarter. The Pistons continued to shoot exceptionally well in the second quarter, following up a 29 point quarter with 31, leading by as many as 25. Indiana scored the last five of the half to cut the lead to 19 despite the Pacers shooting just 36.4%.

Andrew Bynum led the Pacers with 11 points in the first half in his 11 minutes of action. Paul George's quarter ending jumper put him into double figures with 10 points. The Pacers have seven turnovers, but have allowed 11 points off of turnovers and are getting outscored 10-0 in fast break points. Josh Smith has 14 and Rodney Stuckey has 12.