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Pacers final score: Magic stun Pacers 93-92

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The Pacers blew a 17-point third quarter lead in a surprising loss to the Orlando Magic. Victor Oladipo led Orlando back with 23. Paul George scored 27.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana Pacers appeared well on their way to their 40th victory of the season, holding a hefty 71-54 lead over the Orlando Magic with 3:45 remaining in the third quarter. But Indiana wasn't prepared for the Magic to push back and when they did, the Pacers were bowled over as their 17-point lead evaporated quickly. Orlando went ahead 78-77 with 7:48 in the fourth quarter and jumped up by as many as seven as the Pacers struggled even making simple offensive plays.

Indiana made a late run, but big turnovers were foiled by Orlando time outs, and forcing a final one on Orlando's inbound play with nine seconds remaining led to Paul George making a play towards the basket despite having an available timeout. George ran into three Magic defenders and heaved up a poor shot that Orlando came up with, sealing their win. George had a game high 27 on 10-19 shooting, but it was Victor Oladipo that led the Magic charge in their comeback, scoring a team high 23 in the win.