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Pacers Links: A look at Lance Stephenson and other young shooting guards on the rise

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A lot of young talent is starting to emerge around the league and Lance Stephenson is among those making an impact at the shooting guard position.

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Among the links today is a nice look at the crop of young shooting guards making an impact in the league by Ricky O'Donnell at

After watching Lance all year, it is hard to imagine he doesn't deserve the Most Improved Player award, but after reading this piece on just one position, the MIP is surely still open for debate. Here's part of what Ricky had to say about Lance.

The one-time Brooklyn bad boy groomed by Larry Bird in Indiana might be the most visible of the breakout shooting guards this season. Stephenson is a terrific two-way force with ability to run the point for the Pacers bench unit. There aren't many guards who affect so many areas of the game at both ends of the floor the way Stephenson does. Durant is the only other player in the league to average as many points, rebounds and assists on nearly 50 percent shooting like Stephenson. As a second round pick in the 2010 draft, he is poised to become an unrestricted free agent after the season. A max contract isn't out of the question.

That last statement may be little strong, but the all-around numbers comp with Durant is impressive.

Also, check out the videos with Coach Nick from breaking down several facets of the game with Frank Vogel, David West, Paul George and Danny Granger after the team practiced at UCLA before playing the Lakers. Great stuff along with some entertainment as Coach Nick gets all of them to say they "are in" on the basketball conversation at BBall Breakdown

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