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Lance Stephenson Injury Update: Vogel doesn't rule out Stephenson playing on Friday

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The good news is, Stephenson hasn't been ruled out for playing on Friday. The bad news is, he hasn't been cleared to play and is still feeling the effects of his fall in Atlanta.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Go hard or go home. Actually, Lance Stephenson did both last night after taking a frightening fall while completing a crazy and 1 against the Hawks in the third quarter.

I've heard of "hoop and the harm" but this was ridiculous. Lance took the ball upcourt in transition with a few Hawks back, but after a hesitation dribble around midcourt, he committed fully to getting the ball to the rim. The effort required some airborn acrobatics that made Lance look like a high jumper going into a Fosbury flop after a bump from Paul Millsap. Except in this case, there was no soft pit to break his landing, only the unforgiving hardwood at the Philips Center.

After completing the and 1 with a free throw, Stephenson tried to shake off the scary fall by playing for another three minutes. But the pain wouldn't subside which left Lance getting treatment the remainder of the game.

According to Frank Vogel during an appearance on SiriusXM NBA radio today, Lance is still feeling the effects of the fall and is 50/50 to play against Portland on Friday.

Those odds from Vogel cover things pretty well. Lance will either play or he won't. There doesn't appear to be any concern about any additional injury concerns regarding his back, assuming tests on such things are complete. So the fact, Lance may still play Friday and hasn't been ruled out, is pretty good news at this point.