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Halftime score: Hawks lead Pacers 43-42

The Indiana Pacers stumbled through the first half, committing 14 turnovers that led to 17 Atlanta Hawks points. Much like their win against Brooklyn, Indiana's sloppy play has allowed the Hawks to not only stay in the game, but hold the halftime lead that's somewhat fortunate to only be one thanks to a David West three pointer to close the half. Indiana held the Hawks to 26% in the first quarter, but Atlanta exploded offensively late in the second quarter, hitting seven of the half's last eight shots to allow them to take the lead going into the break.

West leads the Pacers with nine points thanks to his three pointer, also leading the team with six rebounds. Lance Stephenson and Paul George make up eight of Indiana's turnovers on their own, and Stephenson has zero assists in the first half, but has scored seven on 3-3 shooting. Indiana as a team shot 53.1% in the first half. Jeff Teague leads the Hawks with nine points.