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Danny Granger says public goodbye to former Pacers teammates and staff

On the way out of the Fieldhouse today, Danny Granger stopped by the Pacers' practice before heading out the door, with his next stop unclear.

Michael Hickey-US PRESSWIRE

Must say, I thoroughly enjoyed the multiple reports today about Danny Granger being 'pissed' after hearing he was traded from the Pacers to the Sixers. The amusement turned to laughter when the report was actually attributed to a source.

I guess I should report a source told me this winter weather stinks, but ice cold Indiana beer is delicious.

Sniff out a source revealing Granger is happy about the trade and then we have a story. Besides, no anonymous source could lend voice to Granger's displeasure about the deal better than 33 did today with his very public exit from the Fieldhouse complete with final goodbyes to the players, coaches and staff at the team's practice.

The media is only allowed into practice for a short portion at the end, a few minutes before players and coaches are available for questions. Granger made sure to time his slow walk out when all of the cameras were rolling to capture the moment. One last classy gesture from Granger to make a personal moment with his former team available for public consumption. Also, a little PR jab at the team for letting a good soldier go, a jab the team is surely willingly take for such an important player to the franchise.

The devastated reaction from the players as they gave Granger one last hug spoke volumes about how they feel about seeing Granger go. Guilt has to play into their reaction. If they played better and continued to win games, Granger wouldn't be headed out of town. But now that he's gone, the mission is crystal clear -- win by any means necessary.

In fact, Lance Stephenson succinctly summed up exactly what ice cold team president, Larry Bird is desperately trying to get his team to embrace.

"Whatever helps the team is good for all of us," Lance Stephenson said.

"We want it now. That's the message he brings us by making that trade. And we're going to get it. We're going to work hard and accomplish all of our goals now. We're not going to wait for it."

Nothing personal, just business. And the business is winning basketball games. Time to get back to work.

Here's a collection of tweets, pictures and videos from Granger's exit and the players reaction

video via video with reactions to trade from Frank Vogel, Paul George, Roy Hibbert and Lance Stephenson.