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Pacers Trade: Danny Granger reportedly traded to Philadelphia for Evan Turner, Lavoy Allen

The Pacers reportedly deal the former All-Star for a younger player with no long-term commitment other than trying to win a championship.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Just as it appeared the dust was settling on the NBA trade deadline, a Pacers Woj bomb!

Assuming the deal goes through as Woj reports, the Pacers have officially given up on the comeback effort of Danny Granger as the team's former star has appeared to plateau of late and when combined with Luis Scola, started making the second unit look old at times and at a minimum inconsistent from night-to-night.

According to Sham Sports, Evan Turner is making $6.7 million while Lavoy Allen makes just over $3 million. More importantly, both players will be restricted free agents after the season, so the Pacers take a shot at improving their second-unit depth without locking up future cap space. Turner also presents an interesting Plan B option to sign this summer if things go well with him and things also go too well with Lance Stephenson, making Born Ready to expensive to keep.

Adding two players and losing one leaves the Pacers with 16 players, so something will have to give to get down to 15 players.

Turner is averaging over 17 points, 6 rebounds and almost 4 assists per game for the Sixers and does has to enjoy the chance to play his home games in the Fieldhouse, site of an epic moment in his college career.

More on all of this to come, especially Granger's departure.