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Roy Hibbert shares his thoughts about his game, teammates and the Heat on BS Report

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The Pacers' All-Star center received the All-Star treatment when he sat down with Bill Simmons for an interview while in New Orleans.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Grantland's Bill Simmons interviewed several All-Stars down in New Orleans including the best defensive player in the game, Roy Hibbert.

The pair riffed off of his recent SI profile which took a look at how Hibbert turned himself into the league's best rim protector. Simmons raised a good point about giving up some of his secrets which may help opponents counter. Hibbert dismissed the issue figuring if he has opponents like LeBron James trying to change what they are comfortable doing then his defense is already done.

They also discuss the rise of Paul George and Lance Stephenson (and his "Harlem Globetrotter type stuff"), the team's collective shoulder chip and of course, the rivalry with the Miami Heat. Also, a Larry Bird story with Shawne Williams prodding the legend into a shooting beat down.