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Who would you put on the Pacers' Mount Rushmore?

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After LeBron James declared he expected his face to be on the NBA's Mount Rushmore after his playing days are over, the SB Nation NBA crew figured it would be fun to ponder the "Mount Rushmore" faces for each franchise.

Jim Rogash

So the question on the table today is simple and direct to read but not so simple to answer.

Which four faces would you put on the Pacers Mount Rushmore?

There are different ways to interpret that question and any answers are likely influenced by a person's age and experiences while following the Pacers. Please share your personal thoughts on the topics along with reasons you feel your four belong on the Pacers' stone mountain.

Also, if we were to repeat this process in 15 or 20 years, how do you think your list would change?

For me, the answer at this point in time lies with the Pacers four Hall of Famers: Reggie Miller, Mel Daniels, Roger Brown and Slick Leonard

Hey, I don't need anyone to tell me Slick is a Hall of Famer, although by the end of the day the Naismith Hall in Springfield may finally acknowledge reality and give Slick a call. Slick IS the Pacers from coaching their championship ABA teams and amassing over 500 wins in the process, to saving the franchise in the early NBA years to delighting several generations of fans with his radio call of the team's epic moments over the past 29 years.

Slick didn't play for the Pacers but he IS the Pacers and no monument to the franchise would be complete without him.

The other "PMR" faces earned their honor with play on the court. Mel Daniels was a first-generation, ABA version of David West giving the championship Pacers a strong spine to battle any team standing in their way. Roger Brown and Reggie Miller by lighting up opponents with their hoop skills and scoring ability to take and make big shots in the biggest games.

So what other players deserve consideration for the blue and gold 'Mount Rushmore' honor?