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Halftime score: Mavericks lead Pacers 44-42

The Indiana Pacers and Dallas Mavericks spent much of the first half locked in a defensive gridlock, or a complete deficiency of offense if you're more inclined to truth. The Pacers hovered around 20% shooting in the first half, but a mildly warm finish for both teams got the score into the 40's, though the Pacers have just gotten above 30% at 31% while also committing 11 turnovers. Indiana held an early lead, but spent most of the second quarter chasing the Mavericks, keeping the game within reach, but failing to take the lead.

Things were a bit testy in the first half with three technical fouls issued, including a late second quarter technical on David West, who took an elbow from Dirk Nowitzki that went uncalled, setting up a potentially interesting second half from both teams if they don't cool down in the locker room. Nowitzki leads all scorers with 10 as Lance Stephenson and Danny Granger each lead Indiana with nine. Granger is 3-3 from three point range.