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Halftime score: Pacers lead Nuggets 61-40

The Indiana Pacers will look to avoid another second half collapse as they have put it on the Denver Nuggets for a 21-point halftime lead. The Pacers used a 19-3 run into the second quarter to jump up 37-20 thanks in large part to David Weset, who scored 17 of his 21 first half points in the first quarter. The Nuggets cut the lead to nine and kept the game within 11 before the Pacers once again closed strong with a 14-4 run to take a 61-40 halftime lead.

West leads the Pacers with 21, getting balanced help from his teammates. Roy Hibbert has eight points and eight rebounds as George Hill has scored seven with five assists and four rebounds. Lance Stephenson had six points and five boards. Luis Scola has six off the bench on 3-5 shooting. Wilson Chandler leads the Nuggets with 11 points. The Pacers have shot 58.7% and are holding Denver to just 34% shooting.