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Andrew Bynum reportedly set to sign with Pacers, Nets also in Indy for game

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A classic 'Woj Bomb' on Twitter confirms the Pacers are on the verge of adding center Andrew Bynum to the roster in a bold move to improve the reserve front court rotation.

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As we get the day started, it appears Andrew Bynum will sign with the Indiana Pacers before tip time tonight at the Fieldhouse.

While many in the media reported overnight about the Pacers and Bynum engaging in talks, Adrian Wojnarowski made it all real this morning with a report of Bynum's pending signing.

Candace Buckner also reports that Bynum and his agent were seen entering the Fieldhouse this morning and his agent's reaction indicates an imminent signing.

Oh yeah, the Pacers actually play a game tonight against the Brooklyn Nets. I know, it is hard to remember the Pacers have to play a game with all of the Lance Stephenson All-Star game reaction watch and now the Bynum news. Hopefully, the players have been in the lab getting right to shake out of their little slump that has them 2-3 in the last five games.

No surprise real talks between Bynum and the Pacers moved quickly since there wasn't much to negotiate from a money stand point. The Pacers can't pay more than $2 million without going over the luxury tax, so a more important part of the signing negotiations had to center around the expectations and role for Bynum. So the Pacers must be comfortable with Bynum's level of buy-in to what the Pacers are about and where their focus lies.

No prior numbers really apply to analyzing what Bynum will give to the Pacers. His knees make him as big a risk as his desire to play from night-to-night. He's not going to be the All-Star player he was when healthy with the Lakers. But he is a legit 7-footer and 290 pounds who can help the Pacers make a run to the NBA championship if he can stay on the court and buy into the winning environment.

If not, at least the Pacers kept the Heat from adding him for a playoff series against the Pacers. Stay tuned as this story

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