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Reports: Pacers working on deal to sign Andrew Bynum

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According to several media reports, free agent center Andrew Bynum is in Indy working on a deal to join the Pacers.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

According to several media reports, including ESPN's Brian Windhorst and Indy Star's Candace Buckner, former Cleveland (and Philly, Lakers) center Andrew Bynum is close to signing a deal with the Indiana Pacers.

Rumors a few weeks ago had the Pacers showing limited interest in Bynum which seemed surprising and maybe a move solely to keep Bynum from joining the Miami Heat or at least to drive up the price for the free agent big man.

Now it appears, the Pacers' sluggish play of late with a struggling second unit has prodded the Pacers to make a move to improve their backup center spot where Ian Mahinmi has been inconsistent at best and an offensive road block at other times.

The Pacers culture would be put to the test with Bynum who essentially quit on the Sixers and Cavs, claiming a lack of passion before bailing on Cleveland. But if Bynum can't make a go of it within the strong Pacers locker room, led by David West then he truly has no hope for a legit NBA career.

A signing at this point could make things interesting as the Feb. 20 trade deadline approaches. Will they make another move? Bird has shown in the past, as he did by bringing in Leandro Barbosa two years ago, that he's not afraid to shake up a stagnant rotation to grab everyone's attention and reset the focus.

The Pacers are all in this year to win and Bynum certainly can fill Mahinmi's role in the rotation at a minimum while potentially adding much more. There are plenty of other moving parts to consider but let's slow down and wait for both sides to reach a deal.