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Rudy Gay's big shot history cost Pacers in loss to Kings

Roy Hibbert wanted to avoid a repeat of a past loss at the hands of Rudy Gay, but his effort to help on defense left his man available to beat the Pacers at the buzzer in Sacramento.

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Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Roy Hibbert knew he screwed up when Carl Landry grabbed Rudy Gay's missed shot and scored to push the Kings past the Pacers in overtime on Friday night.

As Candace Buckner reported, the Big Dawg took the heat for the final play faux paux, say the loss was on him. The video reveals Hibbert rotates over, assuming Gay was going to get by Solomon Hill on the baseline. But a solid defensive effort from Hill, contained Gay and forced him into a challenged shot.

Unfortunately, Hibbert had committed to help and when the shot was release he was in no man's land, leaving David West to contend with both Landry and Reggie Evans. West kept Evans grounded but Landry was free to win it.

As it turns out, Hibbert was spooked by the ghost of a Gay game-winner past and left Landry hoping to avoid a repeat. Gay rose up in nearly the same spot in the Fieldhouse two years ago, to push the Toronto Raptors past the Pacers in overtime.

Like Solo Hill, Paul George tightly covered Gay, forcing him to force a jumper through PG's length. Hibbert had the same instincts, starting to help on Gay's drive. But when Gay pulled up, Hibbert retreated to find a man to keep off the glass. But as you can see, none was needed that night.

While Hibbert takes the appropriate blame for the final play in Sacramento, the silver-lining good news was the way Solo Hill took on the challenge of covering Gay down the stretch and in particular on the final play. Have to assume he was poring over tape of how PG guarded Gay in the past, because Solo was able to get into Gay and make him uncomfortable on those late-game possessions.

Regardless, the Pacers let a sweet opportunity to steal a road win slip through their hands.