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Pacers Links: Danny Granger returns to the Fieldhouse with Heat

The former Pacers star will play his first game at BLF since being traded last season and his play of late adds Granger to the list of players the Pacers have to slow down to beat the Heat.

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Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Danny Granger played 544 regular-season games for the Indiana Pacers and on Wednesday afternoon he will play his first game at the Fieldhouse against the Pacers, now draining threes for the Miami Heat.

Honestly, it seems like more than a year since Granger was traded away after compounding knee issue diminished his effectiveness and kept him off the floor enough that Larry Bird decided to trade him last February to fortify a championship run. In real time, that was only 10 months ago, but with several years' worth of drama surrounding the Pacers in that time frame it seems like Danny's return to the Fieldhouse this afternoon will be like welcoming back a long-lost friend from a different era.

Fortunately, Granger returns as a player for the Heat, as in a player actually performing well of late. After being in and out (mostly out) of the lineup over the first 25 games while dealing with more leg issues including a hamstring of late, Danny has played in the last five games, making 12 of 21 three-pointers. In Miami's last two games, Granger scored a combined 39 points, making 14 of 20 shots, including 8 of 12 from behind the arc. At this stage in his career, this type of offense is what Granger has to offer and he is primed and ready (at least, as ready as he can be) to return to the Fieldhouse where he spent the bulk of his first nine NBA seasons.

Everything comes to an end and rarely in storybook fashion. That was the case with Granger's career in Indiana, so it will be nice for the Pacers' faithful to be able to show their appreciation for what Granger gave to the franchise.

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