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Pacers still working George Hill into the mix as they prepare to play Pistons

George Hill looked great in his debut against the Pelicans on Tuesday but the Pacers are in no rush to return the point guard to his starting role with heavy minutes.

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The Pacers face the Pistons on Friday night as both teams work through a lineup transition with the Pacers working George Hill back into the mix while the Pistons have Greg Monroe starting for the recently released Josh Smith.

According to Mark Montieth, Hill made it through his debut on Tuesday without issue but the team is in no rush to increase his work load or add him to the starting lineup.

George Hill participated in Wednesday's workout and reported no problems after playing 21 minutes, 15 seconds the previous night.

He and Vogel talked after practice, and agreed he likely will continue to come off the bench for the next two games, Friday at Detroit and Saturday in Brooklyn. His return to the starting lineup is most likely to come in Monday's game against Chicago at the Fieldhouse.

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