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Draft Talk: Will The Pacers Take A Chance?

Chad Ford prognosticates about the Pacers' first-round draft choice next summer.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

I'm a few days late on this, but Chad Ford recently published his Mock Draft version 2.0. With the Pacers in the eighth spot at the time of the mock-up, Ford projected Indy to go big:

The Pacers could go a lot of ways here, butTurner seems like a good fit. The fact that he leads all freshmen, and all players on our Big Board right now, in college PER is a bonus, too. The Pacers, like everyone else, will just have to take a long look at those knees. Turner says he's healthy, but the way he runs has some scouts suspicious. If he's healthy, a front line of George, Turner and Hibbert would be very, very long -- and very, very scary defensively.

If you've watched the Pacers this year, you know they've got talent and depth issues across the board, so it'll be hard to argue with any talented prospect that comes their way, long-term project or not. But if there's a long-term project in this draft it's Myles Turner who oozes size, length, athleticism, and tantalizing potential while demonstrating about as much polish as a crooked tree branch.

I know Larry Bird has the reputation of drafting experienced college players to plug in as immediate contributors, but he's also shown a willingness to take a chance on risky, high-potential guys, too, as Paul George, Lance Stephenson, and Shawne Williams can attest, so maybe Turner will be the guy come June. Either way, next summer's draft is shaping up to be the most exciting one in recent memory for Pacers' fans.

Who do you have them taking?