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VIDEO: Lowlights from Pacers 10-turnover first quarter against Wizards

The Pacers appeared physically and mentally exhausted to start the game on Saturday night and it hard to believe after such a poor start, the team didn't roll over for the night.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Not only did the Pacers start their game against the Wizards with 10 turnovers, but many of the donations were blatant miscues. Somehow the Pacers shook off the bad start which is hard to believe when you see this start.

Pacers struggled to get started last night with 10 first-quarter turnovers. Here's a sampling.

A video posted by Tom Lewis (@indycornrows) on

That's a tough watch and even tougher when you consider the second half rally that had the Pacers down three at one point. The Pacers ended with "only" 18 turnovers but gave up 22 points on their turnovers, five less than they scored on Washington's turnovers. The Pacers also missed nine free throws along the way to add to the frustrating "if only" look back.

But there's no sense looking back now, the Pacers may only have nine of 16 players available to play the Utah Jazz on Monday. Regardless they are trying to look ahead and remain desperately seeking a win.