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Lance Stephenson was ready to leave Pacers after C.J. Miles signed

In a recent interview, the former Pacers guard discussed his free agent summer that led him to Charlotte.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Grantland's Zach Lowe tried his best to generate an interesting Q & A with Lance Stephenson, but that task isn't easy.

Stephenson is always guarded with his comments so what you end up with is an interview in which the combined questions are much longer than the combined answers. But Lowe did touch on a series of interesting topics and Stephenson did at least answer.

He avoided giving anything up regarding his contact with former teammates in Indiana during and after free agency left him in Charlotte. Lance did admit, that after he turned down the Pacers initial offer and then they signed C.J. Miles, that he was ready to move on and not find a way to stay.

Before that meeting with the Hornets in Vegas, did you still think, even though the Pacers had signed C.J. Miles and some other guys, that there was some way you would end up back in Indiana? That somehow it would get done?

By then, I knew I wasn't going to go back the Pacers. I had the mind-set that there was just no way for me to come back. I was just moving forward.

The Pacers didn't sign Miles to replace Stephenson, but instead hoped he would give an offensive boost off the bench. Of course, with all of the injuries this year, Miles has been thrust into a much larger role (maybe that's the source of his migraine). But this situation does reveal how it wasn't just one side (Pacers) not reaching out to negotiate. Apparently, neither side was willing to negotiate.

Lance also touches on his early season struggles (this was before he put up a triple double on Friday night and literally banged home the game-winner off the glass from 24 feet) future rap songs, body language and of course, Larry Bird trash talking.

Plenty of interesting questions, even if the answers aren't so thoughtful, so check it out.