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Pacers Fantasy Basketball: Injuries help Donald Sloan, Solomon Hill deliver bargain production

For FanDuel daily fantasy leagues, injuries create day-to-day value in the continuous search for low budget players that can deliver a winner.

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SB Nation has partnered up with FanDuel this season to help you win some money playing fantasy hoops. Even if the Pacers don't win, you can find solace in a FanDuel win by letting your knowledge of the Pacers work for you.

The Pacers have become a fantasy wild card with so many injuries to their top players. With George Hill, C.J. Watson, David West, Paul George and now Rodney Stuckey missing time, someone has to put up numbers which creates some value plays for daily games on FanDuel.

So far, the most reliable plays have been guard Donald Sloan and forward Solomon Hill. With FanDuel's $60,000 salary the need to hit on a couple of low budget players is critical and Sloan and Hill remain a good deal. For those still unfamiliar with FanDuel, your $60,000 salary is spread over two point guards, two shooting guards, two small forwards, two power forwards and one center with predetermined salaries for each player.

Sloan has risen from a minimum salary player, but he is averaging 29.7 fppg on FanDuel which makes his current $5800 salary a nice fit.

Solo Hill is averaging 23.9 fppg over the last three games and seems to get more comfortable with his role on the court each trip down the floor. The second-year player has become a Swiss army knife player for the Pacers, filling gaps in the rotation and getting more minutes to produce along the way. That makes his current $4900 salary a nice complement to a FanDuel roster.

Here's a breakdown of FanDuel's scoring which you can see, gives defense its due.

Point = 1pt, Rebound = 1.2pts, Assist = 1.5pts, Block = 2pts, Steal = 2pts, Turnover = -1pt.

Despite Roy Hibbert's up and down offensive production, he still delivers pretty good bang for the buck for fantasy players, averaging 32 fppg with a current salary of $6800.

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