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Breaking down the Pacers' breakdown that led to Roy Hibbert shooting for the win against Wizards

The Pacers tried to end the game in OT, but the Wizards were able to funnel the ball to Roy Hibbert for an unexpected three-point attempt.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Pacers went for the win in overtime against the Washington Wizards on Wednesday.

Well, sort of.

Down two on their final possession, Indiana ran a play that the Wizards were able to thwart, leaving Roy Hibbert as the third option...behind the arc...for the win.

Nevermind that Hibbert had not made a two-point shot all night. He had made 6 of 20 in the first six years of his career, which apparently gave the big fella enough confidence to let 'er rip for the W.

After passing on going for the win in regulation, the Indiana Pacers used their last possession in overtime to let Donald Sloan create while trying to sneak Chris Copeland to the corner for the game-winner. Ineffective screens by Lavoy Allen and Hibbert failed to free up options one and two which created the scramble for a shot at the buzzer.

For a full breakdown from the giddy perspective of a Wizards' fan, check out Mike Prada's deconstruction of the final play. You can see where things went awry for the blue and gold which wasn't exactly how Frank Vogel drew it up.

"Go for the win doesn't mean Roy go for the win." Vogel said after the game. "But you got to play the game. We did say in the timeout that we wanted to go for the win. You got to let your basketball instincts pay off."

Roy did indeed let his instincts take over and certainly didn't hesitate to pull the trigger. While watching in real time, I had an eye on Solomon Hill who was breaking open on the opposite side toward the top of the key, as you can see below (from Prada's piece). With the corner jammed up, I figured Hibbert would swing the pass to Solo to at least go for the tie on a better look.


So with my eyes on Hill, I only heard that Hibbert was going for the win. After watching the replay a few times, it appears Hill could have busted out to the three-point line in time to get up a look, you know, if Hibbert  was ready to swing it instead of sling it. But, alas, it wasn't meant to be.