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Pacers Injury Update: Good news on Rodney Stuckey, not so for George Hill, David West and C.J Watson

Injuries remain a sore spot for the Pacers as they prepare for a busy week of games starting with the Bucks at Bankers Life Fieldhouse on Tuesday.

Joe Robbins

The latest injury update for the Pacers has some good news, but mostly bad news as George Hill (knee), David West (ankle) and C.J. Watson (foot) remain on the shelf indefinitely with none expected to play in the four games this week.

DWest's initial prognosis was to miss the first three games, but heading into game two that changed to West being re-evaluated after the three games. Apparently, the re-evaluation didn't go so well since West continues to feel pain when walking, so now he's been ruled out for another week. Watson's two-week window remains intact if he can return next week, but the news is more grim for George Hill.

The gnarly knee-cap contusion remains an issue for the Pacers point guard and Frank Vogel described Hill's status as being a long way from returning.


Now onto the good news!

Rodney Stuckey is merely questionable for the Milwaukee game after straining a tendon in his already tender left foot during the first quarter in Atlanta. Stuckey practiced a bit on Monday and sounds like he will be able to give it a go at game time, returning to his prior limited-minutes role off the bench.

"Craziest thing is, I re-injured it, but it also feels a lot better," Stuckey said after practice on Monday. "We're just taking it day-by-day."

It sounds like this strain may have done more good than harm, which adds another odd wrinkle to the Pacers unkempt start to the season.

"I had some scar tissue and stuff in their built up, so it kind of broke it down and it actually feels a lot looser, which is a good thing," Stuckey explained. "But at the same time, we're still going to be very cautious about things and still take it slow."

Actually, this is great news since it indicates the severity of Stuckey's strain wasn't as bad as feared. Plus, the Pacers desperately need another guard in the rotation!

The only bad news about that great news is that it constitutes good news for the Pacers these days.