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Pacers Injury Update: Injury list expands with Roy Hibbert and Rodney Stuckey questionable for Dallas

The Pacers hit the road with a lengthy injury list after Hibbert and Stuckey left the Phoenix game with injuries.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana Pacers had a nice week at home until getting run out of the Fieldhouse by the Phoenix Suns. Now they leave town in worse shape than when they arrived as Roy Hibbert (ankle) and Rodney Stuckey (wrist) were added to the team's injury list has they traveled to Dallas on Sunday.

Neither of the newly dinged have been ruled out against the Mavs, but you know things aren't going well when it requires two tweets to cover the latest injury update.

There is hope that David West may be available when the Pacers return to the Fieldhouse to play Orlando on Friday. But regardless of who is available, Frank Vogel isn't looking for excuses.

"I don't spend time worrying about it," Vogel said. "You go with who you have and try to win a game."

Yep, the Pacers will keep trying, but a look ahead at the schedule makes it hard to think there are many wins on the horizon.