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Pacers Fantasy Basketball: Add A.J. Price, Lavoy Allen to the list of daily bargains for the Pacers

The Pacers continue to offer daily fantasy players some intriguing options as different players fill the gap for injured stars.

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SB Nation has partnered up with FanDuel this season to help you win some money playing fantasy hoops. Even if the Pacers don't win, you can find solace in a FanDuel win by letting your knowledge of the Pacers work for you.

The injury tornado left a barren swath through the Pacers playing rotation to begin the season but other players continue to step up bringing the roster back to life and delivering strong support to fantasy players looking to fill gaps.

FanDuel's daily games always require some bargain production to push your squad into the green when your big salary players do their thing. Solomon Hill and Donald Sloan continue to be solid roster options when the Pacers play, but a couple of bench players have turned into big-time bargains, at least in the short term.

A.J. Price can fill a spot in your $60,000 roster for $4,000 or less and when he has it going, Frank Vogel has allowed Price to stay on the court late in games to finish the job. So while your rolling the dice with either Sloan or Price, the hot hand will pay off if you take a chance on the right guy. Price has another ten days to deliver after sticking with the Pacers for another 10-days of hardship relief.

Lavoy Allen was considered a bargain of the week at FanDuel and is seeing big minutes off the bench. Larry Bird says, "Lavoy will get it," with regard to his rebounding effort and his numbers on the glass give him some baseline production to rely on. As an option at Center, Allen is a great play on the daily games.

Here's a breakdown of FanDuel's scoring which you can see, gives defense its due.

Point = 1pt, Rebound = 1.2pts, Assist = 1.5pts, Block = 2pts, Steal = 2pts, Turnover = -1pt.

Stay tuned for some SB Nation-specific games to see if you can hang with me as a fantasy GM.

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