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Pacers ready to join NBA preseason action against Timberwolves

The Pacers start the season with more questions than one preseason game can answer, but the quest for those answers begins at BLF on Tuesday night. Other teams around the NBA started a similar journey on Monday night.

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The Pacers take another step toward the regular season on Tuesday with their first preseason game against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

There were a handful of NBA preseason games on Monday night with some action of note.

For starters, Evan Turner took over shared point guard duties for the Celtics with Rajon Rondo on the sidelines. Turner raised the hopes throughout New England with 15 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assists. He even made his only three-point shot. Surely Turner won't suddenly start playing like a young Penny Hardaway, will he? If I'm Boston, I'd still add a coat of paint the the front iron of the rims at TD Garden.

In Chicago, Bulls fans started making plans for the Finals after Derrick Rose opened the game with a rebound and floating finish at the other end. Rose scored 11 points in only 14 minutes. The Wizards won the game and enganged the Bulls in some chippy play with Paul Pierce poking Joakim Noah in the forehead before retreating behind teammates.This should be a fun matchup to follow all season and into the playoffs, you know, just in case the Pacers aren't in the playoffs.

Eric Gordon started and played 25 minutes for the Pelicans without incident. Always good to see the former IU and North Central guard actually on the court. Kobe Bryant also played about 20 minutes for the Lakers alongside Steve Nash. Those guys are in old-man-game mode but they will always find a way to compete if they can also find a way to stay on the court.

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