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Fox Sports Indiana makes changes for Pacers TV coverage

Brooke Olzendam will not return to the sidelines for FSI while former Pacer Scot Pollard will add his often unique perspective to the pregame and postgame shows.

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The Pacers TV team on Fox Sports Indiana will have a different look this season as they part ways with sideline reporter, Brooke Olzendam after three seasons, as reported by Candace Buckner.

Filling Brooke's role will be former Fox59 sports reporter Jeremiah Johnson who left 59 last year to work as a producer for Pacers game broadcasts. He often worked the locker room for post-game interviews. Johnson is a stand-up guy and smooth with the mic so I have no doubt he will do a quality job tracking down and delivering information during games.

It was a bit surprising to hear Olzendam was let go, but who knows what other irons she has in the broadcast fire that could've made a new contract too much for the Pacers to consider. I was always fond of Brooke, for one because we were from the same area of the country and could talk Dick's Drive-in and Taco Time, but more importantly, she was a strong ambassador for the Pacers and often represented the team well on various media outlets around town when she wasn't on camera.

Another new face on broadcasts this season will be the addition of former reserve big man, Scot Pollard. At least, they are adding another person PNW roots for me since Pollard went to a rival high school. Pollard will split pregame and postgame analyst duties with new Fever coach Stephanie White.

If nothing else, I imagine a few more laughs with Pollard infusing his sense of humor to the show.