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Pacers Injury Update: David West awaits MRI, while team prepares to finish preseason

The Pacers starting forward, not to mention hear and soul, will have doctors take a closer look at his swollen right ankle on Monday.

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The Pacers will wrap up preseason play with two games this week but David West is likely done until the regular season begins on Oct. 29...hopefully.

West sprained his ankle on Saturday night and according to a report from Autumn Allison, initial X-rays weren't enough to get a full prognosis for West's return.

Saturday night's X-ray came back clear, but West will have an MRI on Monday to get a better grasp of what may be wrong with the reportedly very swollen ankle, as well as a timetable for his return.

Since the Pacers play Tuesday (@ Minnesota) and Thursday (@ Charlotte), West should sit out the final two games even if there are no further problems with the ankle and the swelling subsides. The big man is too valuable so any best-case scenario begins and ends with West playing on opening night.

With West out, Luis Scola will slide into the starting lineup. Who joins Scola in that starting lineup for the last two games should let us who Frank Vogel plans on starting since West will slide back in or Scola when he's ready.

The sight of West going down in a heap and writhing in pain after hurting the ankle should be more than enough motivation to put him (and his ankle) on ice for the marathon regular season ahead. Let's just hope the MRI confirms the negative results from the initial X-ray so the Pacers have their leader available to begin the games that count.