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Raptors vs. Pacers Update: Pacers, NBA expect to play game as scheduled

Heavy snow, followed by extremely low temperatures in Indianapolis remain a concern in the area, but the NBA and Pacers expect to play as conditions improve.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, it's warming up!

Indianapolis temperatures remain below zero but are expect to rise to a balmy eight degrees later this afternoon. The Toronto Raptors are expected in town so the Pacers and NBA will give it a go, at this point. Here is a statement from Pacers Sports & Entertainment COO, Rick Fuson.

"We have been in constant contact with the NBA and our local government officials. All parties expect the game to be played as scheduled. If people have questions about tickets, they should call 917-2500 and ask for a ticket representative, who will work to resolve any issues."

If all parties are present, it makes sense to get the game in while they can. Both teams have to fly out for games on Wednesday so there is no immediate wiggle room.

Last year, public safety concerns caused a late-afternoon postponement of a game at BLF against the Chicago Bulls. The conditions weren't as bad but the weather event with heavy snow was closer to game time. With conditions improving and no additional snow, fans have plenty of information and knowledge of the conditions in their area to manage the risk of driving down to the Fieldhouse.

Stay tuned, since we had a similar mid-day announcement prior to the Bulls game.