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Pacers championship odds, Paul George's MVP candidacy improving

The success of the Pacers has moved them to a 7/2 favorite to win the NBA Championship. Paul George comes in as one of the league's top MVP candidates.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

It's no surprise Vegas would find the 27-6 Indiana Pacers among the NBA's championship favorites, but their top tier play has continued to improve their championship odds as the season has progressed. The folks at Bovada have the Indiana Pacers second in championship odds at 7/2, jumping them from 4/1 just a week earlier. That's good enough for second in the lead behind the Miami Heat who hold steady at 2/1. Before the season tipped, they were seen as a step behind not only Miami and the Chicago Bulls, but the Oklahoma City Thunder and Los Angeles Clippers, joining the Houston Rockets and Brooklyn Nets at 10/1 odds.

But with injuries continuing to shape the landscape of the NBA, the Pacers have managed to separate themselves from most of the league in the standings, but as has been proven in both games with Miami, there's little to suggest the Pacers should be outright favored against the team that's eliminated them each of the last two years. In Eastern Conference odds, the Pacers sit at 7/5, second to Miami at 2/3. Brooklyn is a long shot at third, with just 22/1 odds.

There's a surprise when it comes to the league's MVP race. Kevin Durant is currently slotted as the 10/11 favorite to win his first MVP this season over LeBron James at 11/10. Third is Indiana's own Paul George, who has certainly carved out an MVP niche with his Player of the Month Award in October/November while leading the way as Indiana has posted the league's best record a week into the new year. LaMarcus Aldridge comes in at 12/1 odds as the fourth favorite MVP candidate.

A few Big Ten products find themselves in a Rookie of the Year running led by Michael Carter-Williams, who is favored at 5/4 odds. Utah's Trey Burke (2/1), Orlando's Victor Oladipo (5/2), and New York's Tim Hardaway, Jr. (12/1) are among the league's Rookie of the Year favorites. Out West, the odds on favorites are Oklahoma City, currently sitting at 9/4 to come out of the West and a 6/1 pick to win the NBA Championship this season. Check out more odds below for a better look at the favorites and contenders.

Miami Heat 2/1

Indiana Pacers 7/2

Oklahoma City Thunder 6/1

San Antonio Spurs 7/1

Golden State Warriors 12/1

Los Angeles Clippers 14/1

Houston Rockets 16/1

Portland Trail Blazers 16/1

Brooklyn Nets 50/1

Chicago Bulls 50/1

Dallas Mavericks 50/1

Memphis Grizzlies 66/1

Atlanta Hawks 75/1

Denver Nuggets 75/1

Minnesota Timberwolves 75/1

New York Knicks 75/1

Los Angeles Lakers 100/1

Phoenix Suns 100/1

Toronto Raptors 100/1

Washington Wizards 100/1

Boston Celtics 150/1

Detroit Pistons 150/1

Cleveland Cavaliers 200/1

New Orleans Pelicans 250/1

Charlotte Bobcats 300/1

Philadelphia 76ers 300/1

Orlando Magic 500/1

Milwaukee Bucks 1000/1

Sacramento Kings 1000/1

Utah Jazz 1000/1

Odds to win 2014 NBA Eastern Conference

Miami Heat 2/3

Indiana Pacers 7/5

Brooklyn Nets 22/1

Chicago Bulls 22/1

Atlanta Hawks 40/1

New York Knicks 40/1

Toronto Raptors 50/1

Washington Wizards 50/1

Detroit Pistons 66/1

Boston Celtics 75/1

Cleveland Cavaliers 100/1

Charlotte Bobcats 150/1

Philadelphia 76ers 150/1

Orlando Magic 200/1

Milwaukee Bucks 500/1

Odds to win 2014 NBA Western Conference     

Oklahoma City Thunder 9/4

San Antonio Spurs 3/1

Golden State Warriors 6/1

Los Angeles Clippers 13/2

Houston Rockets 7/1

Portland Trailblazers 7/1

Dallas Mavericks 28/1

Memphis Grizzlies 33/1

Denver Nuggets 40/1

Minnesota Timberwolves 40/1

Los Angeles Lakers 50/1

Phoenix Suns 50/1

New Orleans Pelicans 1251

Sacramento Kings 500/1

Utah Jazz 500/1

Division Odds

Odds to win 2014 NBA Atlantic Division          

Toronto Raptors 6/5

Brooklyn Nets 2/1

New York Knicks 11/2

Boston Celtics 6/1

Philadelphia 76ers 15/1

Odds to win 2014 NBA Northwest Division      

Oklahoma City Thunder 2/5

Portland Trailblazers 3/2

Denver Nuggets 40/1

Minnesota Timberwolves 40/1

Utah Jazz 500/1

Odds to win 2014 NBA Pacific Division           

Los Angeles Clippers 2/3

Golden State Warriors 3/2

Phoenix Suns 7/1

Los Angeles Lakers 50/1

Sacramento Kings 200/1

Odds to win 2014 NBA Southwest Division      

San Antonio Spurs 1/4

Houston Rockets 5/2

Dallas Mavericks 25/1

Memphis Grizzlies 100/1

New Orleans Pelicans 100/1

2013-14 NBA MVP - Odds to Win         

Kevin Durant (OKC) 10/11

LeBron James (MIA) 11/10

Paul George (IND) 15/2

LaMarcus Aldridge (POR) 12/1

2013-14 Rookie of the Year - Odds to Win        

Michael Carter-Williams (PHI) 5/4

Trey Burke (UTA) 2/1

Victor Oladipo (ORL) 5/2

Tim Hardaway Jr. (NYK) 12/1

Ben McLemore (SAC) 15/1

Giannis Antetokounmpo (MIL) 20/1