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Ooo, Yeaa-ah! Lance Stephenson entertains while Pacers wait for flight home to Indy

The Pacers are still trying to return to Indy after playing in Cleveland on Sunday night and missing the now-frigid snowstorm back home.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

The Pacers remain stuck in Cleveland, hoping to return to Indy soon after riding out the nasty local storm on the road by beating the Cavs last night. Intial hopes of leaving at 11 a.m. ET didn't work out so now the team hopes to leave soon. The Indy storm has three teams grounded looking to move on, as Scott Agness sums up nicely in less than 140 chars.

Of course, a little idle time on the road is all Lance Stephenson needs to deliver some comedy, er...singing, er...well, entertainment. The team appears gathered in the hotel lobby waiting to board their bus to the airport, so Stephenson stepped up to the piano, as Rasual Butler and Roy Hibbert documented on Instagram. Can anyone name that song?

Hibbert's covert vid make him and his reaction more entertaining than Lance.